• Belgian Bio Pils of 5,2% with a golden-yellow glow.
  • The American Cascade and Simcoe hops subtly accentuate the beer’s refreshing taste.
  • The beer is all about freshness and has a pleasantly bitter aftertaste.


Style: Pils

Capacity: 33cl / 24 units per carton

ABV: 5,2% | PLATO: 12P | IBU: 18 | EBC: 7

Origin: Belgium

Serving temperature: 4-6°

Ingredients: Bio Pils malt, Bio Premiant, Bio Cascade, Bio Simcoe and yeast

A successful pils such as this Van Bulck Bio Pils is easily combined with a range of snacks and meals. It’s ideal for accompanying both bar food and refined culinary treats. The pils can quench your thirst with salty snacks, such as olive tapenade or salty nuts. And it is just as refreshing with classic hot, fried snacks such as croquettes or fried cheese balls. At the same time, the beer can easily pair with a starter of quails’ eggs and green asparagus or scallops with pea puree. The pils really comes into its own with bitter vegetables, such as chicory, asparagus or kale, as the bitter flavors intertwine with those in the beer.

Its biggest strength is how you can use it between courses to really freshen things up. The beer’s light touch, however, means courses to you should never lose track of the overall balance. Heavy or overly spicy meals will not complement the beer’s flavors. A pils like this is the perfect aperitif; it whets the appetite and is the ideal starter for any successful meal.

By Sofie Vanrafelghem – Master Beer Sommelier