Pure White

  • Authentic Belgian witbier (wheat beer) 4,4% with a beautiful, creamy foam head.
  • Delicious aromas of freshly harvested wheat and baked bread with spicy notes of coriander and dried orange peel.
  • Thanks to its soft taste and citrus tones, this beer matches with various light dishes such as grilled zucchini or seafood.


Style: Witbier (wheat beer)

Capacity: 33cl / 16 units per carton

ABV: 4,4% | PLATO: 10.8P | IBU: 18 | EBC: 6

Origin: Belgium

Serving temperature: 4-6°

Ingredients: Pilsner Malt, Cascade Hops, Coriander, Dried Orange Peel

Van Bulck Pure White has great potential for food pairing as well. Thanks to its soft taste and citrus tones, Van Bulck Pure White matches with various light dishes. The spiciness and fruity aromas will harmonize with delicate flavors. Grilled zucchini or seafood are for instance an ideal combination with this beer.

Van Bulck Pure White will also soften smoked or salty flavors. When combined with smoked salmon, this beer will for example put the pure taste of the fish in the spotlight. The refreshing character also pairs perfectly with creamy dishes like pasta carbonara or Gentse Waterzooi, a classic Flemish stew with chicken.

By Sofie Vanrafelghem – Master Beer Sommelier