IPA Alcohol Free

  • Belgian, alcohol-free IPA beer with a full foam head.
  • The hop varieties give shape to the surprisingly fresh-fruity aromas of citrus and grapefruit.
  • The spicy touch of Szechuan completes the scent bouquet


Style: IPA

Capacity: 33cl / 16 bottles per carton

Origin: Belgium

Serving advice: 4-6°

Ingredients: Pilsner malt, Sichuan pepper, hops

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This IPA Alcohol Free has an abundance of culinary potential, especially when it comes to food pairing with starters and main courses. Snacks or ingredients with a salty and/or smoked touch such as black olive tapenade, salty nuts or smoked halibut fit perfectly in a pairing with Van Bulck IPA Alcohol Free. The fresh fruity aromas and pleasant bitterness will soften all salty and/or smoked notes, thereby restoring balance to the flavors. Bitter accents in a dish, such as when you work with chicory, lamb’s lettuce, celery or asparagus, will merge nicely with the bitterness in the beer, pushing the other flavors to the fore. Be careful with overtly sour or sweet flavors, either of which will damage the flavor of the beer, causing you to miss out on much of its flavor and character.